Xuez Announcement – 25/04/18

Dear Xuez community : 

We decided to initiate a goodwill event with the goal of collecting at least 4BTC to get us listed on CoinExchange.

This is an event for the benefit of all of us and with the goal being to get us listed fast and  increase the value of Xuez for all of our community members. 
We have come up with four different procedures 
The four procedures are as follows 
Goodwill event: 
1. Lottery 
2. Get-a-Node-Now 
3. Auction 
4. Donations to our multi-signature BTC address  
(will help decrease the number of Masternodes that we will need to release in order to raise the required listing fee)
BTC address: 3GvS1xLVGvLQWpQS87v5SxDw1qRSEFT88d

During the first phase that will last until block number : 43500
The Lottery and the Get-a-Node-Now will run contemporaneously. 
Lottery rules: - 1 lottery ticket = 0.001BTC – - The procedure to enter the lottery is simple: Send the desired amount (divisible evenly by 0.001 BTC) 
to the following address: 3GvS1xLVGvLQWpQS87v5SxDw1qRSEFT88d to receive the appropriate number of entries in our goodwill lottery
I.e By sending 0.05 BTC will assign to your nickname 50tickets. 
After the transaction is made please leave a message to the channel #Xuez-Lottery. . A designated treasury team member will contact you through private messages to validate the transaction ID. After your ticket purchase is validated, your Discord Nickname will enter a publicly accessible list with the number of tickets purchased.

The XUEZ Lottery Rewards
For every 125 tickets given, the lottery will award 500 XUEZ
and for every 250tickets , the lottery will award 1 Masternode (1000 XUEZ).

Detailed break-down of the rewards:  
For 125 tickets ---> Prize for 1st  place 500 Xuez 
250 tickets  ---> Prize for 1st  place 1000 Xuez  
375 tickets ---> Prize for 1st  place 1000 Xuez
                                Prize for 2nd  place 500 Xuez  
500 tickets  ---> Prize for 1st  place 1000 XUEZ                                 
                                Prize for 2nd  place  750 Xuez                                 
                                Prize for 3rd place   250 Xuez  
625 tickets  ---> Prize for 1st place  1000 Xuez                              
                                Prize for 2nd place 1000 Xuez                             
                                Prize for 3rd place    500 Xuez  
750 tickets  --->  Prize for 1st place  1000 Xuez                             
                                 Prize for 2nd place  1000 Xuez                            
                                 Prize for 3rd place   750 Xuez                            
                                 Prize for 4th place   250 Xuez 

The pattern will continue based on the total number of tickets reached.  
After  500 tickets and with each passing milestone of 125 additional tickets , 500 Xuez will being added to the collective prize to the highest 2 places that have not reached 1000 Xuez yet. 
Once 1000 Xuez is reached for a particular place, a new level is added starting with 250 Xuez.
The final drawing will happen by using the paid and publicly accessible service  https://www.random.org/draws/ .
 Please note Mods and Treasury members are excluded from taking part in the XUEZ Lottery. 
And any funds that are sent which are not divisible by .001 BTC will be considered an additional donation

Get-a-XUEZ-Node-Now Rules

This event is for those who can’t wait and want a XUEZ Masternode NOW. 
For a donation of a 0.4 BTC you will receive 1 Masternode (1000 XUEZ) immediately.

If the target amount has not been raised (4 BTC) after the first two events have concluded (at block number: 43500 )  
then we will move onto the final event, the XUEZ Auction.

XUEZ Auction Rules :
Auction prize: 1 Masternode (1000  XUEZ)
Format: English Auction (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_auction)
The auction will take place within the designated auction channel.
There will be no bidding or registration fee as well as no limit. 
The first auction will have a starting bid of 0.20 BTC, with minimum bid increments of 0.01 BTC. 
The highest bid wins, given it is not outbid within 2 minutes of being placed. Each bid placed in the final 2 minutes of auction, resets the final 2 minute timer. 
After the first auction is completed, the next will proceed with a starting bid of 0.01 BTC higher than the previous auction (i.e 0.21 BTC starting bid for the second, 0.22 for the third and so on).
( the XUEZ auctions are open to the entire community)

Let’s all take part in this important stage of XUEZ history.  
When this stage is over, we will have worked together and accomplished our goal by raising the funds required to list XUEZ on https://www.coinexchange.io/

Xuez - By the community, for  the community.