Global Eco-System


Meaningful innovation does not need to be based on outright invention. Rather, there is an exhilarating shortcut. It is based on bold, new combinations of already existing components that simultaneously unlock heightened levels of consumer value and reduce costs. – Gabor George Burt


Xuez aims to simultaneously disrupt and rebuild the internet infrastructure, democratizing control and making the internet more affordable, accessible and incentivised.

The main function of a router is to forward data packets between computer networks by performing traffic directing functions on the internet. Xuez as a Service model aims to add tools and services by utilizing unused router processing capacity to run services for Xuez Clients, whilst incentivizing users who supports and build the network, dramatically reducing the price, re-building the current infrastructure and increasing decentralization.

Xuez as a Service (XaaS)

All technological apparatus has been built upon an infrastructure. The Xuez Smart hub removes dependency from all central entities by distributing and incentivising its users, as well as providing a method to securely store, stake and host multiple Masternodes.

Furthermore, the Xuez smart hub will provide users global access to an innovative global economy by bridging the Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a service model together. Re-engineering and re-purposing an ideal house router to build and power a decentralised cloud, which is built by the community for the community, creating the next generation distributed server network with unlimited potential.