Operational security (OPSEC) refers to the habits and behaviours you perform to enforce good security. This is probably the most underrated security control and if done poorly can result in the destruction of your Privacy, Security and Anonymity.

Privacy is about content.

Privacy relates to maintaining confidentiality and keeping secrets, whilst Anonymity relates to your actions potentially being seen, but keeping these actions and activities separate from your true identity.

Anonymity concerns your identity.

Anonymity is when, out of a set of all possible people, there is an equal chance it could be anyone. Anonymity is non attribution to your actions to be nameless to be faceless.

This post is aimed more for those who want anonymity and non-attribute to their actions.

OPSEC is as crucial if the consequences of your actions are high; if Anonymity really matters then OPSEC must not be skipped.

If your adversary is a law enforcement agency or nation state this section is particularly relevant to you. This section is aimed at Freedom Fighters journalists, whistleblowers, the repressed and others without justice needing serious privacy and non-attribution.

Basic OPSEC failures is not about decrypting your encryption or finding you through tunnels and anonymity, It’s about basic OPSEC failures. That’s what’s most likely to reveal your true identity.

People are usually caught because of activities they performed in the early stages that were non anonymous and tie back to their real identity not realizing the Internet never forgets.

Stay Tuned.

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