Frequently Asked Questions

The name XUEZ (Pronounced ‘~ZEUS/ZOOS’  )
Embodies both the functionality and community nature of this coin; strong, resilient and empowered.

Like a phoenix, XUEZ was revived from the ashes of XIOS by the community after personal complications led to the
lead developer resigning from XIOS development.

Through maintaining the core positive attributes of XIOS and rectifying the negative aspects, XUEZ is what XIOS
should’ve been. Made by the community, for the community.

We are not a company and we did not have an ICO.

The team behind XUEZ are all from the community of XIOS. Due to the unfortunate departure of the lead
developer of XIOS, it was necessary for the community to step up and keep this project alive.
The community decided to create XUEZ using our collective efforts and expertise.

We want to prove that the power of the community can be greater than that of a company. XUEZ has, from
inception, been a community-based coin and the loyalty and dedication that the XUEZ community has shown is a
testament to how much XUEZ has grown and achieved. Being a community driven coin we encourage support and
participation, so please get involved and join us on our Discord.

Mining XUEZ is only possible for the first 43200 blocks, afterwards it will transition to a PoS only coin;
with rewards split between staking through the wallet and online masternodes

A masternode is a full node or computer wallet that records and verifies a full copy of the blockchain in real-time. Masternodes are considerably different in their functionality than regular nodes.

Some of the special functions that these nodes perform are:

  • Increasing privacy of transactions
  • Providing instant transactions
  • Participating in governance and voting
  • Enable a budgeting and treasury system

1000 XUEZ is required to set-up a XUEZ masternode.
We recommended that a masternode be set up to run on a VPS, as it is required to be operating 24/7.

The process of staking, or more formally Proof-of-Stake (PoS) minting, involves holding a minimum amount of coins
(200 XUEZ) in the XUEZ wallet (with staking function activated). Once a XUEZ wallet contains at least 200 coins and
has staking activated, the wallet will perform verifications of transactions resulting in the possibility of a reward.
The more coins the wallet holds, the higher the probability the wallet has of receiving a reward.

Proof-of-Stake minting replaces the usual Proof-of-Work mining for block generation.
There is no need for specialized hardware or software needed to perform the staking process other than the free official XUEZ wallet.

We recommend a VPS with 1GB of RAM or 512MB with  a swap file.

Ubuntu 16.04 (or higher)  or  Debian 9. Location doesn’t seem to have an importance.

We use and recommend due to their ease of use, affordability, and high uptime.
We recommend the $5 per month VPS.
As a Masternode only receives rewards when it’s operational, it is extremely important that the VPS you choose is reliable.

If you choose to follow our recommendations, please use this affiliate link to register a VPS from Vultr

Each masternode has to have a unique IP address.  Therefore, unless your VPS provides multiple ip addresses, it is not possible to have more masternodes active on the same VPS.

This parameter was chosen to provide maximum stability and a faster network with masternodes spread throughout the globe.

PoW stage PoS stage PoS Stage with Governance feature
60% Masternode

40% PoW/Mining

60% Masternode

40% PoS/Stake


60% Masternode

30% PoS/Stake

10% Governance


*Note: The Governance feature will pay each proposal depending on the numbers of votes.
This means that if proposal 1 has 50% of all masternode votes, this proposal will get 50% of the Masternode Governance reward.

The fund is necessary to help develop this project because we chose not to raise any funding through an ICO or
premine.  The community fund will be utilized by providing Bounties in exchange for tasks that will help advance
the XUEZ project.  When a bounty is completed by a Bounty Hunter, rewards are provided by the community fund.

Certainly , there are many ways!
You can read more about them at:

Please join us in our discord server and propose your support in the #community_offering_to_help channel by telling the community how you would like to help.

The XUEZ community is highly active and helpful – visit our Discord and simply ask for assistance!