Contribute to our community

We are a community driven effort. Through our collective efforts, we move forward. Through our collective efforts, we succeed!

we need each one of you, as part of this community, to contribute in your own way to keep progressing ahead.

You can contribute to the Xuez community in many different ways.
Here are some of the ways in which you can contribute to this collective effort


By sparing some CPU power :

Click the play button to start mining for us.Choose the appropriate number of threads and let it run.
If you are using an adblocker, please disable it for this function to work properly.

Monero Public Address : 48r89v29jx2DZhCNyE6awRbFrjkn2xw2Samiut354HvYX1KMiRHPpSwcm8pm1Gq3U5ja16F3X5kDLXhVKKyoNwi8AHPoAuK
(coinhive only pays out every 0.5 Monero accrued via CPU mining)

XUEZ - Monero CPU mining script

With a direct BTC donation to our community’s multi-sig BTC address:

The BTC address shown bellow is part of our treasury’s multi-signature wallet.
All donations will be strictly used for our community’s expenses. (such as listing fees or operating expenses)

Xuez Community BTC address


QR code :

With your skills :

We are always looking for skilled community members who can help us with the development of Xuez!
If you are a C/C++ programmer (or other) , web developer , web designer, if you have skills in graphics editing
or design, or if you have marketing or public relations skills (even as a community assistant), we need you!!!

If you even think that you have a certain skill-set or know-how that can help this project
you are encouraged to contact the Xuez team in our official discord server, which is our main communications platform.