Aprivacy cryptocu rrency

Lightning fast payment confirmations

Re-establishing Satoshi Nakomoto’s vision

A scalable foundation within blockchain technology

Built by the community for the community

Ethos of Xuez

Our mission is to build and provide an open platform where privacy, anonymity and security are respected as they are fundamental human rights. This is recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and in many other international and regional treaties.

Inspiring to teach privacy and security over convenience, XUEZ provides an 8MB block size that results in close to instantaneous transaction time. The official wallet encapsulates both form and function such as Multi-signature wallet capabilites, Masternode and Proof of Stake, Zerocoin Protocal as well as aiming to develop additional private orientated communication systems utelising current technological platforms and open source software.

Community centered
XUEZ’s purpose and focus has
been and always will be
centered on the community
and its’ collective voice

Lightning Fast
Instantaneous transactions
thanks to 8 MB block size
60 sec block time and our
Instant feature

Privacy features
Aiming to build a widely used
anonymous and encrypted
communication and
file transfer platform

Inter-Exchange network
Aiming to become a widely used
anonymous exchange asset
transfer service providing
instant and low fee transactions


Xuez Listed in Exchanges

To increase the prospects of the project, the XUEZ team will work tirelessly on getting our coin listed on all exchanges which our community deems worthy. Aiming to become a widely used anonymous asset transfer service, providing instant and low fee transactions from one exchange to another.

Listing with CoinMarketCap

In order to increase our user outreach and product usability, We are working to get listed with CoinMarketcap which will allow us to integrate Xuez with General Bytes: https://www.generalbytes.com/

Masternode Governance Voting Update

We have issued a Mandatory update to fix the Masternode Governance Voting system. This updated will allow the community to vote and propose on major decisions as the project evolves and progresses.

Xuez Platform Bounty System

A Privacy service which is aimed to be imbedded within the XUEZ Platform, allowing users to buy pre-set bounties. When completed, the prearranged pay-out is rewarded to the user.

Mobile Application

Mobile application will be developed with the aim of allowing to initiate transactions without time constraints using all the future implemented services of XUEZ.


As the Crypto-world changes around us, we will forever be vigilant and adapt to the market, making this roadmap merely a template to reach out longterm goal. Becoming the most trusted Private Secure file transfer, bounty and communication system, empowering people through the use of the blockchain.


MB per block


Blocks Maturity time


Seconds per block


Coins needed for a masternode



Other versions and source code available on XUEZ Bitbucket.


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