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Our Vision

“Blockchain technology isn’t just an efficient way to settle securities. It will fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the internet itself.” – Abigail Johnson

XUEZ is a peer to peer digital asset, with the mission of building and providing an open platform where privacy and anonymity are prioritized and valued as they are a fundamental human right. These rights are recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The International Convention on Civil and Political right and in many other international and regional treaties.

The XUEZ protocol is being specifically designed, not only to address the inherent problems plaguing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but also to build and disrupt central entities through our distribution phase, while building the next-generation decentralised information infrastructure.

William Mougayar

“The blockchain symbolizes a shift in power from the centre to the edge of the networks.”

The current internet infrastructure, coupled with the most common business model adopted by major surrounding server farms, has produced one of the largest and most centralised systems in the world.

One report found that Amazon Web Services dominates the cloud infrastructure services sector with a 33.8 percent global market share, while its three nearest competitors; Microsoft, Google, and IBM, together accounted for 30.8 percent of the market.

A decentralised system is being erected on centralised infrastructure.

Consequently, this increasing dependency on centralised services and corporations runs counter to the aims of decentralised ledger technology.

The Solution

Xuez Smart hub

Xuez aims to simultaneously disrupt and rebuild the internet infrastructure through the democratisation of control and by making the internet more affordable, accessible and incentivised.

The Xuez smart hub will provide users with global access to an innovative global economy by bridging the Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a service models together, by re-engineering and re-purposing an ideal house router to build and power a decentralised cloud. This cloud will form the next-generation distributed server network with unlimited potential; built by the community for the community.

Disruption through Distribution.

Xuez smart routers will fully utilize our re-engineered, incentivised internet infrastructure, providing a decentralised alternative to the traditional centralised server model in which the server is owned and run by central entities.

This results in the disruption of traditionally centralised Internet infrastructure and through the distribution of that infrastructure our model allows the community at large to come together to build the next generation of the internet upon which a decentralised, global virtual economy can finally emerge and thrive to its fullest potential.

“The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet.” – William Gibson

Aims and Objectives breakdown

Xuez smart routers form a unique distributed server network that offers potentially unlimited processing power and storage.

Phase 1: Global Cryptocurrency

Phase 2: Infrastructure financing

Phase 3: Platform development

Phase 4: Service development.

Take a path with purpose


As a Xuez Member, you'll develop and support the next generation internet infrastructure. Advocating for the future of privacy and security.

This is our unique dual mission–serving both community and country.
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The XUEZ platform not only focuses on the long-term goals and objectives outlined within the roadmap, but also within the XUEZ community itself. The community, as seen through the history of the project, has been the primary catalyst for XUEZ to locate and reach for its primary goals. The community will continue to be the driving force that pushes Xuez to exceed its potential.